Advertise Over Facebook and Instagram


Your brand is the message your business is trying to communicate with your people. It is imperative that you devise a perfect brand identity that will fit in your business message, intention, and goals such that it will stay etched to your consumer’s mind.


Advertise over this big social media platform with there own advertisement platform. Connecting your business to the world We possess a great deal of expertise in social media networking and this is evident from the fact that we have been in the news for some of our researches on the latest trends reported in the world of social media.

Reach: 18,000 people – 47,000 people over 7 days

Note: If any extra services are needed you can always contact us for a custom quotation. We would need your Instagram and Facebook account to make the promotions but before taking any personal details we sign a no misuse contract so you can trust us without worrying.


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